DCA Logistic import, export business for the smooth, safe and economical realization of the customs clearance needs of customers by determining the best way to provide consultancy about all the variability of the sector. The wide network of agencies and expert consultant staff complete the flow of documents as soon as possible with the fast and wasteful external operations team.

What is the customs clerance?

Under   customs clearance is   generally understood as the importation of customs and goods and the treatment of taxes exported from the customs region. Once the transaction is completed, the goods can be released for free circulation.

In the EU, the customs union takes place with regard to imports or exports exceeding the external borders of the customs territory of the European Union. The customs territory of the European Union is almost in line with the EU’s territory, but not a hundred percent. In the Federal Republic of Germany, for example, the island of Helgoland and the exclusionary Büsingen are not part of the EU customs territory. Special clearance rules are applied in the transfer of goods to and from these areas.


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