DCA Logistic, an international exhibition logistics has been operating in the area held abroad any fair or attending the event, customers exhibit their products, shipping to the relevant countries, foreign customs clearance, delivery of products to the exhibition stand and the most appropriate way to bring back to Turkey if returned products after the exhibition offers a logistic service covering the operations. 
International trade fair logistics necessitates a service that requires cost, timing, operation planning according to the different customs and transport regulations of different countries and does not accept any errors in operation. All of these services need to be planned and coordinated by a specialist staff.
Fair logistics requires different logistics solutions to be coordinated in a project that will vary according to the type of fairs, the demands of the firms and the content of the products to be exhibited.

International Shipping

International transport leg (land-air-sea), storage, customs clearance, warehousing or exhibition areas, handling, packaging, transport insurance, finance and consultancy services, trade fair logistics in the sub-services provided. The need to ensure uninterrupted coordination of all these services provided in both the import and export feet, the planning of the most suitable and trouble-free service in a very short period of time, the necessity to provide services in many different areas of the world, separates the fair logistics from other standard logistics services. DCA Logistic aims to provide the most reliable service with the most cost-effective services by facilitating all these challenging processes for its customers with its expert staff and reliable network of agents throughout the world.


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